GitHub Copilot vs JetBrains AI

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In this post let us know that who is better in comparison between GitHub Copilot and JetBrains AI and which is best also , all information is included within proper research base theory so lets begin our new topic…

GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is an AI-powered code assistant advanced with the aid of GitHub to beautify coding efficiency via offering real-time code guidelines, contextually relevant completions, and code technology. It support computer languages like C, C++, C#, Go, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, and TypeScript also. It is likewise available in Azure Data Studio. primarily based on herbal language descriptions.

GitHub Copilot is a popular AI-powered tool that provides autocomplete-fashion guidelines as you code. It is to be had as an extension in various IDEs, which include Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, Vim, Neovim, and the JetBrains suite of IDEs.

GitHub Copilot integrates with famous IDEs like Visual Studio Code, JetBrains IDEs, Vim, Neovim, and Azure Data Studio, imparting a continuing coding revel in without delay within the improvement environment. It excels at producing code snippets, suggesting variables and feature names, and learning from developers’ coding patterns to enhance accuracy through the year. 

GitHub Copilot is available in much plans:

  • GitHub Copilot Enterprise: Includes the whole thing in GitHub Copilot Business and adds a further layer of customization for private models for code crowning glory.
  • GitHub Copilot Business: Primarily capabilities GitHub Copilot within the coding surroundings, such as IDEs and CLI. It may even include GitHub Copilot in GitHub Mobile in early 2024.
  • GitHub Copilot Individual: It consists of all of the features of GitHub Copilot Business except organizational license control, policy management, and IP indemnity.
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Uses of GitHub Copilot

Some of the important thing uses of GitHub Copilot include:

1. Code Generation: Copilot can generate code primarily based on comments or the start of a line of code. It offers tips that can be regular, left out, or explored for opportunity answers.

2. Language Translation: Copilot can translate code from one language to any other, making it less difficult to work with unique programming languages.

3. Debugging: Copilot can help in debugging code by providing tips for fixing troubles and enhancing code great.

4. Refactoring: Copilot can recommend refactoring strategies to enhance the shape and readability of your code.

5. Test Generation: Copilot can generate tests for your code, supporting you make certain that your code is functioning effectively.

6. Code Reviews: Copilot can offer hints for improving code all through code reviews, assisting to preserve code exceptional and adhere to satisfactory practices.

7. Voice-Driven Development: Copilot may be used with voice commands, permitting developers to create and edit code without typing or looking at a display screen.

Remember, while GitHub Copilot can notably enhance productiveness, it is essential to use it judiciously and now not rely upon it too heavily, as it’s not infallible and can every so often endorse incorrect or inefficient code.

JetBrains AI

JetBrains AI is an modern AI-powered device designed to beautify the coding enjoy inside JetBrains IDEs. ​Some key points about JetBrains AI encompass:


JetBrains AI Assistant can give an explanation for code, generate documentation, answer questions about code fragments, provide code recommendations, and even assist with writing commit messages.

1.Integration: The AI Assistant is available in IntelliJ IDEA from version 2023.Three and is deeply integrated into the JetBrains surroundings, presenting seamless help in the IDE.

2. Usage: Developers can interact with the AI Assistant thru chat, use inline code of entirety for real-time recommendations, and gain from its capability to provide context-conscious responses based totally on the venture being labored on.

3. License: To get entry to the whole competencies of JetBrains AI, users need to gather a JetBrains AI Service license and spark off it inside IntelliJ IDEA. There is also a constrained trial available for users with business and personal paid IntelliJ IDEA licenses.

4. Data Privacy: JetBrains guarantees information privacy by gathering targeted facts about the usage of AI features strictly for product development functions. This facts is stored confidential and no longer shared with outside parties or used for education ML fashions.

Uses of JetBrains AI

JetBrains AI, incorporated into JetBrains merchandise like IntelliJ IDEA, gives more than a few AI-powered functions to beautify software improvement. Some of the key makes use of of JetBrains AI consist of:

1. Code Suggestions: JetBrains AI gives wise code hints based totally on the context of the task, helping developers write extra efficient and effective code.

2. Commit Message Generation: JetBrains AI can generate devote messages primarily based on the adjustments made inside the code, streamlining the procedure of tracking adjustments in the codebase.

3. Code explanation: JetBrains AI can provide an explanation for code fragments.

4. Refactoring Assistance: The AI Assistant can recommend refactoring possibilities and provide an explanation for the cause behind them, supporting developers improve code best and structure.

5. Name Suggestion: JetBrains AI can recommend name options for symbols based totally on their contents, making the renaming process greater green.

These capabilities together purpose to enhance developer productivity, code first-rate, and the general coding experience within JetBrains IDEs.

GitHub Copilot vs JetBrains AI

FeatureGitHub CopilotJetBrains AI
DescriptionGitHub Copilot is an AI-powered code completion tool developed by GitHub and OpenAI.JetBrains AI is an AI-assisted coding tool developed by JetBrains, known for its IDEs and tools.
IntegrationIntegrated with Visual Studio Code (VS Code) and GitHub repositories.Integrated with JetBrains IDEs (e.g., IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, WebStorm).
Code SuggestionsProvides real-time code suggestions, autocompletions, and context-aware snippets.Offers intelligent code suggestions, refactorings, and code generation.
Language SupportSupports multiple programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, Java, and more.Extensive language support across various programming languages.
Learning CurveRequires some adaptation to its AI-driven suggestions and understanding of its capabilities.Familiarity with JetBrains IDEs and their features is beneficial.
CollaborationFacilitates collaboration within teams by suggesting code snippets and improving productivity.Enhances collaboration by providing code insights and assisting in code reviews.
CustomizationLimited customization options; suggestions are based on AI models and context.Allows customization through plugins, settings, and user-defined rules.
PerformanceGenerally performs well, but occasional inaccuracies may occur.Performance depends on the specific JetBrains IDE and the AI model used.
PricingAvailable as a subscription service with different pricing tiers.Part of JetBrains IDEs, which have both free and paid versions.

Top FAQs

Is Jetbrains AI free?

JetBrains AI is not free; it is available in paid JetBrains IDEs starting at $0.33 per user/month for individuals and $0.67 for organizations.

Is GitHub Copilot free?

GitHub Copilot is not free; it costs /month or some cost/year for developers.


In Conclusion, I know thet Both AI have their strengths and weaknesses, so the choice relies upon on the ai user choices, development environment, and particular use cases. Ultimately, it’s vital to strive both and see which one aligns better together with your workflow and coding style!

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