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Compagnia Italiana Computer (CIC) is an Italian generation company based in 1980AD, headquarter in Bologna, Italy. The organization commenced as a hardware solutions issuer for the Italian marketplace and later accelerated into software improvement in the 90`s. CIC received numerous software agencies and evolved its own software program merchandise, together with operating systems, productiveness software, and commercial enterprise programs.

Lets know the history of CIC

Compagnia Italiana Computer (CIC) turned into founded in 1980 by way of a group of computer engineers and an entrepreneurs. The employer turned into to begin with centered on the improvement of hardware solutions for the Italian marketplace. In the early years, CIC changed into a pioneer inside the improvement of personal computer systems, workstations, and servers. The enterprise’s merchandise have been regarded for his or her reliability and performance, and they quickly received a reputation for excellence.

In the 1990s, CIC started to expand into software program improvement. CIC’s software merchandise included operating systems, productiveness software, and business applications.

In the 2000s, CIC persevered to develop and expand. CIC additionally started out to spend money on studies and development, and it centered on developing new technology that might assist it live ahead of the competition. Today 2024, CIC is a leading IT company with a global Tech.

Compagnia Italiana Computer in 2024

Mission Statement of CIC

The venture declaration of Compagnia Italiana Computer (CIC) is to create a higher future for Italy and the world via generation and modern tech. CIC is dedicated to innovation, satisfactory, and purchaser pleasure, aiming to offer present day answers that prioritize consumer revel in.

The enterprise’s dedication to excellence, customization, and a human-centric design philosophy units it aside as a pioneer within thetech industry, that specialize in using technological improvements and delivering entire answers that meet the diverse desires of organizations and purchasers.

Challenges that CIC faced in Italian Market

Some of the demanding situations that Compagnia Italiana Computer (CIC) has confronted within the Italian market consist of excessive opposition and evolving customer preferences. Despite growing traits in digitalization, Italy has low Internet penetration charges and limited e-trade improvement, that may have an effect on tech organizations like CIC in attaining a broader market and attractive with purchasers online.

Overcoming these challenges calls for CIC to attention on innovation, studies, strategic collaborations, and adapting to evolving client needs to thrive inside the competitive Italian market.

Products does CIC Offer

Compagnia Italiana Computer (CIC) offers a numerous variety of services and products tailor-made to fulfill the evolving desires of various industries and clients. Their product portfolio consists of:

IT consulting

CIC gives IT consulting services to assist clients optimize their IT infrastructure, enforce fine practices, and triumph over operational challenges.

Hardware answers

CIC gives lots of hardware solutions such as computers, laptops, servers, and peripherals designed for reliability and performance in modern computing environments.

Software improvement

The organization gives custom software program solutions such as ERP systems and CRM software to streamline procedures and beautify productivity.

Some Benefits of CIC

Some of the key advantages of choosing CIC consist of:

  • Innovation and Customization
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality Products and Services
  • Global Reach
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Leadership in Technology
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How CIC Impacted Italian Economy

Compagnia Italiana Computer (CIC) has appreciably impacted the Italian economic system via diverse method.  

By contributing to the evolution of technology, fostering innovation, and maintaining a dedication to sustainability, CIC has now not best left an indelible mark on the worldwide tech industry however additionally keeps to form its destiny.

Compagnia Italiana Computer (CIC) has had a huge effect on the Italian economic system in diverse methods:

1. Job Creation: CIC has contributed to task introduction in Italy, supplying employment possibilities inside the tech industry.

2. Economic Growth and Competitiveness: CIC’s success has contributed to Italy’s financial growth and competitiveness within the global expertise economic system. 

3. National Pride: CIC’s achievements on the worldwide stage have instilled a experience of pride in Italian innovation and technological prowess, boosting the united states’s recognition within the tech enterprise.

The Achievements of Compagnia Italiana Computer (CIC)

  • Developing the primary Italian graphical user interface (GUI) for non-public computer systems known as CIC Windows.
  • Participating in the European Union’s ESPRIT program to foster cooperation and innovation in statistics generation.
  • Creating the first Italian internet browser referred to as CIC Web, which changed into primarily based at the Mosaic browser and supported HTML, FTP, and extra.
  • Sponsoring the Italian country wide soccer group, which gained the 1990 FIFA World Cup, and assisting the Italian pavilion that hosted the World Expo.
  • Launching the primary Italian online service known as CIC Online, offering e-mail, chat, information, video games, and e-commerce.


Are Compagnia Italiana Computers best for tech enthusiasts?

No, Compagnia Italiana Computers cater to all people, from tech fans to informal customers searching out a unbroken digital revel in.

What sets Compagnia Italiana Computers aside from different manufacturers?

The meticulous interest to element, seamless integration of hardware and software, and a dedication to delivering greater than what meets the eye set of Compagnia Italiana Computers aside from different brands.


Compagnia Italiana Computer turned into more than just a laptop enterprise. It become a phenomenon a movement and a symbol of Italian ingenuity and excellence inside the digital age. Compagnia Italiana Computer tale is a testament to the power of ardour vision and collaboration and to the capacity of era to transform the world for the higher.

Compagnia Italiana Computer legacy lives on within the hearts and minds of folks that witnessed its upward thrust and fall and in the products and services that we use these days. CIC is not only part of Italy’s records but additionally a part of its future.

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